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Volume 1 – You’re Never Too Old

By Ian


I got HIV aged 48 and have been living with it for the last 11 years. Since being diagnosed my life has changed dramatically for better and for worse. It made me realise what’s important about life and about health, and how much having HIV alters things and life is never the same again.


Volume 2 – Positively Me

By Carl Churchman


At the age of thirty-four I was diagnosed with HIV and got my wake-up call. The initial shock is overwhelming, but the support I received held me up. Today, I am living with HIV, I’m healthy, I have made a lot of changes in the way I live my life and how I look after myself. I now work against by using my story to educate, challenge prejudice and promote awareness.

Volume 3 – Defiant. Not Broken

By A Man In His Mid-Thirties


“We apologise but the life you had planned has been cancelled. Please listen for further updates.” Sometimes life just takes you on a trip that you had never intended to go on. So, five years on from diagnosis. And so begins another party. And more love and laughs. And a little less sex and drugs, but plenty of rock n’ roll.


Volume 4 – Anyone’s Story

By Lily Rose


I’m a woman, a daughter, a sister, a mother, a wife, a friend, a professional. I’m exactly like anyone else. I’m 41 years old, and I was diagnosed HIV+ fifteen years ago. Since then, I’ve learned that life can not be taken for granted, and I hope my story helps you understand how it is to live with the virus.

Volume 5 – Objections

By Elfrid Walkingtree


When I got diagnosed with having the antibodies against HIV I died! It took me a few years to die but finally I died. Little did I know I was going to be born again but this time as a living death. And this is what I am, a living death, but in a wheelchair – not a zombie :-)

Volume 6 – I Am Not A Virus

By Eve


I have woman’s identity.
I have a name.
A Portuguese nationality.
I am living in the UK.
I am 47 years old.
A full life pursuing my dreams.
Lived with the virus more than half my life.

Volume 7 – Journey

By A Participant


I’m a 26 year old gay man living in West Sussex. I was diagnosed as HIV+ on 9 July 2012 and my life changed forever. In the fast paced, social and easily discarded world we live in, being HIV+ brings new challenges and fears. This story explains how I coped, my outlook and what I would like people to know.

Volume 8 – My Experience



I am a 39 year old Zimbabwean African woman who arrived in England in 1998. I was diagnosed in 1999 and started treatment, which is going well. I have an undetectable viral load and I received good counselling when I was diagnosed that reassured me I wasn’t going to die. In 2005 I had a son who was born negative and he is healthy and happy.

Volume 9 – My Life With A Cat

By Doug Ellis


I have been living with HIV since January 1st 1987. I was diagnosed in America and at that time there were no medications so I took vitamins to keep myself going. I am a 67 year old gay man, but I live in a care home where no one wants me to talk about it. I have a cat called Tilly and this is my story.

Volume 10 – Back To A Better Me

By Scott


I am a 49 year old gay man with a passion for life, especially travel and music. I was diagnosed in 2013 and this is my story, which I hope inspires you. I am a better, healthier person that I ever was before my HIV, and I hope listening to this shows you why HIV is no longer something to be frightened of.

Volume 11 – Green Dragon Breathes Fire

By Jim Stanford


I became HIV positive at a time before treatment existed. The next turning point was becoming seriously ill in the same year that effective medication became available. Over the years I’ve got on with my life and pushed the boundaries of what I can achieve. HIV doesn’t have much effect on my private life any longer, although it’s central to my work.

Volume 12 – My Dream(s) Became A Reality

By Angelina Namiba


I was born in Kenya. I am a single mother of a beautiful intelligent girl. I am 46 years old but feel (and look!) 35! My hope for the future is that treatment for HIV will become affordable, available and accessible to all who need it globally.

Volume 13 – Sex, Drugs and Walking The Dog

By Richard Jeneway


My HIV came at the peak of my career achievements and I represent one of those who lost their lover, job and sense of optimism for many years. Yet, within the last 8 years I have reached a plain of contentment, living in social housing just a  few metres from the beach. In 2010 I set up a small support network for people living with HIV, called Peer Action.

Volume 14 – Moving Forward

By Lin Stephens Yian


I was diagnosed with HIV in Taiwan in 2012 and was immediately deported, because that is the law there for foreigners. I battled illness and isolation and must now live away from my partner as it is currently impossible to bring him to the UK. I believe it is very important to speak out about HIV and fight the silence that surrounds it.

Volume 15 – Don’t Worry About It

By Phil


I’m a 70 year old gay man who has been diagnosed HIV+ for 30 years. I have realised there is more to life than HIV and you have to enjoy yourself as much as you can. I’ve never let HIV dominate my life. Most of the time I have lived a perfectly normal existence, but side effects from the drugs have been the worst thing I’ve had to deal with.