The Speaking Volumes HIV+ exhibition can be hired for one off events or on a long term basis. We can also run the project with other marginalised groups who need to be given a voice.


Hiring The Installation

The Speaking Volumes installation is an excellent way of educating people about the realities of living with HIV in Britain today. Despite now being seen as a long term manageable condition, there is still a great deal of stigma around HIV. This comes largely from misinformation and prejudice, and it is hoped that the Speaking Volumes Project will help to dispel these myths and humanise the people who live with HIV.

The exhibition can be set up at conferences, schools, community events – anywhere people might benefit from learning more about HIV. It is a great way for healthcare professionals, young people and the general public to gain a deeper understanding of the condition and realise that there is a human being behind the label of ‘HIV Positive’.

Speaking Volumes can also run creative and interactive workshops in conjunction with the exhibition, and to find out more visit our Workshops page.

Working With Other Marginalised Groups

Speaking Volumes is a format that can be repeated with other marginalised groups who feel they don’t have a voice. So if you would be interested in exploring the possibility of us running creative workshops, recording  stories and creating a beautiful shelf of stories (and online exhibition) with a group you belong to or work with – please get in touch.

For a full description of the Speaking Volumes process, visit the Project page.

To discuss any of the above please get in touch with Alice Booth –, 07733 028434