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A lovely and insightful project.



Very insightful and illuminating project with a beautiful webpage. I got inspired by it and signed up as a volunteer for the Life Ball 2016


Martin Jones

Jim Stanford: as reflective and articulate as I would have guessed. A beacon (pardon the pun) for other people living with HIV and to those who don't know so much about this. I was especially interested in your comments about your particular empathy with clients with HIV. Thankyou


Martin Jones

Despite feeling that I already know Doug as a nurse in his HIV team I was fascinated by his story. I has him say some of these things before; others were new to me and may reflect the difference between your project and a clinical setting. I have posted Speaking Volumes on my Facebook page and intend to listen to more stories.



Thank you to everyone who shared your stories. I thought Doug's story was especially sad, but the former hospital chef sent me back out in to the sunshine with an inspired smile.



It was SO interesting and informative to hear such personal stories surrounding HIV. Thank you and well done! Also I love the visual presentation. I love the portraits on the front of the books too - they're exquisite.



What a fantastic idea to do this! A really brave and inspiring initiative. Thank you to all who took park and told their stories.



What an important and excellent idea - thank you!