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These stories were all recorded by people living with HIV from Sussex between November 2013 & March 2014.

Participants attended creative workshops using art and storytelling to look at their self-image and journey with HIV. They were then interviewed and these edited interviews can be heard by clicking on the book covers below.

Some stories are accompanied by images drawn by the participants at the workshops, and others have some meaningful text chosen by the speaker.

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Volume 1 – You’re Never Too Old
Volume 2- Positively Me
Volume 3- Defiant Not Broken
Volume 4- Anyone’s Story
Volume 5 – Objections
Volume 6- I am not a virus
Volume 7- Journey
Volume 8- My Experience
Volume 9- My life with a cat
Volume 10- Back to a better me
Volume 11- Green Dragon Breathes Fire
Volume 12- My dreams became a reality
Volume 13- Sex drugs and walking the dog
Volume 14- Moving Forward
Volume 15- Don’t worry about it