Volume 13- Sex drugs and walking the dog

I was born in 1954, and this is my life as a liberated gay man from Conservative roots. My HIV came at the peak of my career achievements and I represent one of those who lost their lover, job and sense of optimism for many years.

Yet, within the last 8 years I have reached a plain of contentment, living in social housing with my friend and soul mate, plus three dogs, just a  few metres from the beach.

In 2010 I set up a small support network for people living with HIV, called Peer Action, and three years later we have received charitable status. Check us out – www.peeraction.co.uk

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Track 1 – Before HIV (5.15)


Track 2 – AIDS & Recovery (3.12)


Track 3 – Death of David (4.26)


Track 4 – Life After his Death (2.10)


Track 5 – Blindness & Support (3.14)


Track 6 – Disclosure, Stigma & The Future (4.42)