Volume 14- Moving Forward

We Exchange Ourselves

About to part for distant shores
You request that we exchange our hands
so that you might
relive my caresses

Or even that we
might swap our eyes
so that you can summon up
the fervour of my contemplation

You ask me
for an exchange of ears
so that our conversations might persist

Or even that we
could exchange heartbeats
or the shudder of our corporal release
so that you can remember
the unbridled passion you incite in me

Poems by Erick Stephens Lin were translated by Lin Stephens Yian from Chinese for his 2013 published anthology ‘We All Got Wet’

Click here to watch the film made in Taiwan about Lin Stephens Yian and his partner’s experience of being diagnosed with HIV and deported from Taiwan.

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Track 1 – Diagnosis in Taiwan & Deportation (6.14)


Track 2 – Surviving Isolation (5.57)


Track 3 – Disclosure & Stigma (4.42)


Track 4 – Medication & Side Effects (3.16)


Track 5 – Spirituality (3.29)


Track 6 – Coping Strategies & Final Thoughts (5.33)